Robotic Pallet Dispensers

For many end-of-line packaging applications, production line speeds allow us to utilize the robot to perform the pallet dispensing process.  To achieve this, we have developed standard pallet frames/magazines and numerous end-of-arm tools that automate the process.

Integrating Robotic Pallet Dispensing

To integrate robotic pallet dispensing into a cell design, our in-house controls group typically programs inbound conveyors to give the robot time to pick and place the pallet while our design engineers enhance the end-of-arm-tooling to accomplish multiple tasks.

Common Benefits

  • Minimize the footprint of the robotic palletizing cell
  • Reduce the amount of equipment to maintain
  • Lower the overall cost of the entire system
  • Enhance the flexibility of the system
Robotic Pallet Dispenser

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