Since 1983, MMCI Automation has been specifying and integrating palletizers for many of the largest consumer packaged goods companies in the United States. If you need help specifying and integrating one, we can definitely help you.

Conventional vs. Robotic

One of your first decisions will be choosing between conventional palletizing and robotic palletization. Many people wrongly assume they would have to trade speed for flexibility if they opted for a robotic palletizers, but MMCI Robotics is “closing this speed gap” with faster and faster robotic palletizers. How?

We adjust and orient boxes on conveyors to minimize workload on robot

We align conveyor heights and cell layouts to minimize the travel distance of the robotic arm

We outfit robotic cells with automatic pallet and slip sheet dispensers

What this means to our customers is that they no longer have to sacrifice flexibility for speed.

Columbia Palletizer Integrator

If we determine that a conventional palletizer is the best equipment for your application, you can rest assured knowing that we have extensive experience specifying and integrating palletizers from Columbia Machine, the leading conventional palletizer manufacturer in North America.

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Columbia Palletizer

Complete Systems Integration

You’ll also benefit from our comprehensive approach whereby we gain a full understanding of how your upstream and downstream processes work so the systems we design will address all bottlenecks in the process and maximize productivity.

Thinking Beyond the Palletizer

After being approached by a manufacturer of lubricants with a rather simple request to update their outdated palletizer, MMCI Integration identified and implemented a complete solution that improved and automated the entire bottling, packing, and palletizing process.

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