At MMCI Integration, palletizing is essentially part of our DNA. We work with many of the leading consumer packaged goods companies throughout the country and have designed and installed hundreds of successful palletizing systems over the years.

Robotic or Conventional

One of the key advantages to working with MMCI Integration is that we have the experience to evaluate your particular needs and determine the best palletizing technology for your operation. 

Complete Systems Integration

Our ability to help specify the best technology is typically based on understanding how upstream and downstream processes affect the overall performance of the robotic system. At MMCI Integration, we know that the systems we design need to work in conjunction with one another in order to truly generate results. Only by eliminating bottlenecks throughout the entire process can we maximize productivity, and this typically requires the automation of additional elements within the system.

A Case in Point: MMCI Re-Engineers Bottling Facility

After being approached by a manufacturer of lubricants with a rather simple request to update their outdated palletizer, MMCI Integration identified and implemented a complete solution that improved and automated the entire bottling, packing, and palletizing process.

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Robotic Palletization 

If a robotic palletizer is the best solution for your needs, our MMCI Robotics team will ensure your project is a success. They specialize in providing turnkey robotic systems that include innovative cell designs, custom end-of-arm tooling, complete installation, and ongoing support.

Are you finding it more challenging than ever to keep up with the ever-changing products, packages, and pallet patterns demanded by your customers?

For palletizing applications requiring greater flexibility, we often look to integrate robotic palletizers. In fact, robotics have grown in popularity so rapidly that we partnered with Fanuc Robotics and created an entire team focused on robotic palletization.

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