Palletizing by Product

At MMCI Robotics, palletizing is practically part of our DNA. As part of the MMCI family of companies, we have over 35 years of experience in automating palletizing processes and have designed, installed and integrated hundreds of robotic and conventional palletizing systems.

What Can Robots Palletize?

The answer is just about anything. Robotic palletizers can handle a wide variety of payloads and pattern configurations and typically provide more flexibility, require less space and are easier to maintain than conventional palletizers.

Cases & Boxes

Given that the vast majority of products are packaged in a cases, boxes or cartons, our engineers have focused on creating the most productive, safest and most cost-effective case palletizing systems on the market. Whether you need a standard "off-the-shelf" robotic palletizer or a highly customized solution, our experts are here to help.

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Other Products We Palletize









Pails & Buckets




Unsure if a Robotic Palletizer is Right for Your Application?

At MMCI Robotics, we aim to deliver solutions that get results and deliver ROI. If, after evaluating your situation, we conclude that robotic palletizing is not your best option, we will be happy to recommend other solutions. MMCI Integration is one of the leading material handling system integrators in the country and has extensive experience with conventional palletizers other end-of-line packaging systems.

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