Systems Integration

The key to getting the most out of a robotics integration is understanding how upstream and downstream processes affect the overall performance of the robotic system. By eliminating bottlenecks throughout the entire process can we maximize productivity.

Complete Packaging Lines

We specialize in developing complete solutions like this packaging line that originally required two robots and significantly more space.

Intelligent Specifying

We don’t necessarily look to roboticize every function. Rather, we consider the most efficient and/or cost effective solutions, evaluate the trade-offs and then integrate those into our designs. In fact, we have saved some clients millions of dollars by integrating controls and software that allowed our designs to perform with fewer robots.

Common Systems Integrated

Automating any palletizing process typically involves integration with numerous other systems.

Pallet & Slip Dispensers

Pallet Dispensing Systems

Whether you want to integrate a manual, automated or robotic pallet dispensing system, we have developed or can create the ideal dispensing solution for your needs.  Learn more about our Automated Pallet Dispensers.

Upstream Systems

Upstream Systems

A palletizing system is only going to be as fast as the system feeding it, so we often evaluate the entire system and install conveyor systems, case labelers, case sorters, and other automation designed to improve productivity, accuracy and quality.

Downstream Systems

Downstream Systems

At MMCI Robotics, we also integrate systems to automate all aspects of the pallet handling process. From weighing and conveying through stretch wrapping and load securing, our comprehensive systems improve productivity and safety. Forklift handling can be centralized to a common pick point thereby reducing forklift traffic and the potential damages and injuries associated with it.

Software & Controls

Software & Controls

To achieve optimal results, our team designs controls for entire systems and can link to existing ERP systems to ensure that critical data is passed to and from the production line. We can even work with our sister company DCX to install innovative WES, WCS and WMS systems as part of our solutions.

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