Slip Sheet Dispensing

Given the extensive use of sheets to increase the stability of pallets and reduce damage and accidents, sheet dispensers are routinely integrated into the robotic palletizing cells that we design and build.

Option 1:  Robotic Sheet Dispenser

Our most popular method for automating the sheet dispensing process is to utilize the robot.  


The QSP-100S model (shown here) from our Quick-Ship Palletizer line features a pre-positioned sheet hopper that improves productivity and quality by helping reduce cycle time and placing the sheet accurately every time.


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See it in Action

Our standard end-of-arm-tooling is outfitted with multiple suction cups that are activated when a new layer of the pallet requires a sheet.

Option 2: Automatic Sheet Dispenser

For applications in which the line speeds are too fast or the end-of-arm-tooling is already performing multiple tasks, we may outfit the cell with our SD-30 automatic sheet dispenser.

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