Intelligent Software

Choosing the right software to automate your warehouse and order fulfillment processes can be one of the most critical elements to achieving ROI on your automation investment. 

Software Drives Automation

While processes, warehouse automation equipment and order picking technology are all critical to optimizing ones' warehouse, it is software that truly drives automation.  That is why we created the DCX Software Suite.  It can function as a complete WMS, WES and WCS to optimize your entire operation, but it was built in a modular fashion for enhanced flexibility, integration and cost effectiveness.

Our Modular Approach to WMS

This modular approach allows you to only buy what you need. Need a complete solution? We’ve got you covered. Just need a cubing module that seamlessly integrates into your current WMS? We can do that too.  DCX Software helps you optimize labor, release orders more efficiently, balance workloads and more.

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