Standard Robotic Palletizers

Modular, Pre-engineered Robotic Palletizers

Having designed and integrated countless palletizing systems over the last 35+ years, we use the most effective, proven designs and technology to create a modular approach to building robotic palletizers.

Benefits to You

This modular approach applies primarily to building standard case palletizers and allows us to eliminate much of the time and costs associated with the design, engineering and programming of a system. You realize:

Shorter Lead Times – Palletizers are configured with standard, pre-engineered components.
Lower Cost – Reduced engineering and programming costs.
Less Complexity – Just tell us your case size, range, weight, and rate.
Reliable – Proven, low-maintenance designs
Easy-to-use – Tried-and-true Intuitive Controls

Standard Palletizers

Modular Components

Infeede Conveyors

Infeed Conveyors

24-Volt powered infeed conveyors chosen for their safety and reliability.


FANUC Robotic Arms

We utilize a number of standard FANUC robots based on payload size and weight, cycle time speeds, level of precision, etc.

End of Arm Tooling

Standard EOAT

Standard clamping and vacuum gripper end effectors for picking and placing all sizes of cases.

Pre Programmed Controls

Pre-Programmed Controls

We are typically able to utilize a many elements of our easy-to-use, HMI controls while still customizing to your exact needs.

Pallet Conveying and Dispensing

Pallet Conveying & Dispensing

We can outfit your system with manual, conveyor only, robotic or one of MMCI’s FD-1500 or FD-2000 automated pallet dispensers.

Slip Sheet Handling

Slip Sheet Handling & Dispensing

We can outfit your system with manual, robotic or MMCI’s SD-30 automated slip sheet dispensers.

Standard Features

Support Structure
Preassembled for ease of installation

Fencing, sensors and intuitive controls that allow users to operate from outside the cell

Quality Control
Optional sensors for detecting defects, opened cases, etc.

Integrated bar code scanners and sensors to monitor line changeovers

Control Cabinet
Allen Bradley Safety Rated PLC

Operator Interface
Intuitively designed controls in HMI

Training and ongoing support with offsite VPN capability

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