Rethinking Systems Integration

Unlike many systems integrators that approach warehouse automation as an opportunity to sell and install expensive, high-tech equipment, we focus on ROI. We know that most operations can achieve their biggest gains in productivity, accuracy and efficiency by simply utilizing intelligent methods along with flexible equipment that can adapt to changes in one’s business.

Cost-Effective Solutions

By utilizing intelligent picking methods with low-cost, we can often achieve substantial gains in productivity at a fraction of the cost of seemingly higher-tech solutions. Our goal is to help you select the right automation tool to meet the needs of your distribution center, not sell you an expensive product that may never reach ROI.

Our Approach

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One Point of Contact

At MMCI Order Fulfillment, we take can take total responsibility for managing all aspects of your warehouse fulfillment or just the ones you need like inventory control or cubing. From planning to installation, all of our work is done in-house so you only have one company to deal with during the process.

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Holistic Viewpoint

The benefits of having one company design your system and implement it are numerous. By partnering with you from the beginning, we can analyze your operation and understand your long-term goals so our solutions are based on a solid foundation that meet your needs today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

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Modular Software

For most order fulfillment automation projects, we utilize the DCX Software Suite - a modular software program that serves as a WMS, WCS or WES.  It allows us to not only reduce costs, but it streamlines installation - since we only install the modules you need.  Plus, as your operations grow and business models change, DCX can easily accommodate these future expansions and changes.

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Brand Agnostic

MMCI Order Fulfillment is not a subsidiary of an equipment OEM so you can trust there are no ulterior motives or sales quotas being pushed in the solutions we develop. Our recommendations are based on getting you the most beneficial solution for your business. We maintain strong relationships with many of the leading equipment manufacturers so that we can specify the best solutions for your needs and your budget.

How Can We Help?

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