Warehouse Stock Replenishment

Efficient stock replenishment plays a key role in one's ability to optimize the order fulfillment process and run an efficient warehouse.  DCX Software can help ensure that you not only have the product on hand, but that it is in the right area at the right time for optimal picking.

DCX Software's Replenishment Management module allows a manager to monitor all replenishment and move requests that have been completed or are currently active in the system.  Request logic can be customized and mobile technology or hand-held devices can be used to automatically direct replenishers on the warehouse floor.

Integrated Equipment

Our team at MMCI Order Fulfillment can help specify the right storage equipment for your replenishment activity while DCX programmers help you configure the software to your business.  For instance, our team can help install case flow shelves and then set minimum thresholds and configure the software so that replenishment requests will be automatically escalated in priority as real-time changes occur within the inventory.

Mobile-Directed Replenishers

With the DCX Software, you will be able to outfit your personnel with iPods or iPads that will allow them to analyze all replenishment requests and select the highest priority ones to be completed first. 

Customizing Replenishment for Business Rules

Best of all, DCX Software's Replenishment Manager module is fully customizable and can be adjusted to meet your unique business rules.  For instance, rules can be applied so that orders are automatically replenished from broken pallets using FIFO, LIFO or other business rules.

MusclePharm Case Study

See how the DCX Software Suite allowed help MusclePharm replenish products in a much more efficient manner.

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