Zippy Ice

Client & Objective

As a supplier of ice to over 1,000 convenience stores, restaurants and grocery stores in North Carolina, Zippy Ice knew it had to expand its palletizing operation in order to grow its business.  The question was whether to hire and train more people for this unwanted job of stacking bags of ice or invest in automation.

The Challenges

Zippy's management team knew that hiring, training and retaining employees for this arduous work would not be easy, but that any investment in automation must overcome the following challenges.

Speed - It had to be fast enough to keep up with growing demand

Space - It had to fit within a certain area in the existing facility

Reliability - It had to run efficiently and consistently

Flexible - It needed to be able to stack multiple sizes of bags on different sized pallets

Safety - It needed to operate in a safe manner

IcePal Ice Bag Palletizer from MMCI Automation

The Solution

After evaluating Zippy's operation, space and current palletizing process, the team at MMCI Automation recommended its IcePal 200 robotic ice bag palletizer.  The small-footprint palletizer was outfitted with innovative end-of-arm-tooling that could efficiently stack many different sized bags and featured an automated pallet conveyor that could accommodate multiple sizes and styles of pallets.


Not only did Zippy's investment in the IcePal 200 improve productivity and reduce costs, but it greatly expanded its capacity - allowing the company to target new business opportunities to grow its business.

Production was able to increase from 8 bags a minute to 20

Overall capacity increased from about 20 pallets a day to 50

A job that previously required 2 hard-working people, could now be monitored by 1 person

Safe, easy operation and MMCI's dial-in support ensured ongoing success

IcePal Robotic Ice Bag Palletizer

See the Entire Line of IcePal Palletizers

IcePal palletizers come in three standard models. All models utilize the same highly reliable FANUC robotic arm but include enhancements for pallet conveying, dispensing and wrapping.

IcePal 100

IcePal 100

Palletize on Floor

IcePal 200

IcePal 200

Includes Pallet Conveyor
(Manually Feed Pallets)

IcePal 300

IcePal 300

Pallet Dispenser with
Stretch Wrap Option

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